Humane Denton County Bat Removal Methods

If you experience some foul odor coming out of your attic or any dark corner in the house, then you might be in danger of a bat problem. Following are some of the methods you can get rid of a bat:

Removal of Bats
The first thing that comes in your mind when thinking of removal is killing, exterminating, trapping or simply getting rid of them. Well in case of any other animal, the above reasoning would have sufficed but bats are friendly creatures who do you no harm hence exterminating or killing is completely out of question. It is also imperative to point out that killing a bat is illegal. Trapping will cause it to die eventually leaving behind a mess extremely unbearable to humans. So how should you get rid of them? Let's discuss:

Is It Really a Bat?
First question you need to ask yourself when you suspect a Denton County bat problem is if it really is a bat. The answer to this is that bats leave a lot of mess behind. It is said to pee at least 20times a day. So, if you notice huge mess in your attic then you have your suspicions confirmed. Next thing is the noises they make during dusk while getting out.

What Specie Is It?
If you're sure that it's a Texas bat in your attic, then try to see what specie it is. For this, you can hire a wildlife expert or have a look at the bat and google it up. Whichever method you use, just make sure you find its specie so you can act accordingly.

When Is Its Mating Period?
The importance of knowing a Denton County bat specie is because of this particular problem. If bats are mating in your attic and you manage to get rid of them then after some time, you will have tons of dead bat babies in your attic which can get you in trouble with the law.

Should I Turn On the Lights?
Usually when the mating season is over, the Texas bats leave themselves. But if they plan to stick around then you can try eradicating them by turning on the lights in your attic at all times. Bats love the dark so any sort of light will keep them irritated and they will fly away.

What About Sound?
Installing some high vibration sounds in your attic is another way of getting rid of the bats. As they prefer silence, dark and comfy places, so a little disturbance will cause them to take flight elsewhere.

Are Sealing Holes Necessary?
If you still can't get the Denton County bats out, then first check for places or holes bats use to get access to your house. Seal all those holes and keep one open for them to get out. Once all are out, seal it again.

Use Live Exclusion
Live exclusion is the only effective method in keeping Texas bats away. This method involves a gauze or pipe or slab on the exit hole of a bat i.e. install a gauze or slab or whatever you prefer, on the hole, bats usually exit from, at dusk. This creates a one-way entrance or exit. The bats fly out but cannot get back in hence they fly away, seeking refuge elsewhere!

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