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What Smells Repel Denton County Rats

Rats are devious creatures known for invading a household and creating a mess there. In order to avoid them from making a permanent refuge in your house or yard use the following natural repellants which makes the rat go nuts and eventually sprint away:

Smells That Repels a Rat
Usually the Denton County rats tend to attack in the place where it has access to the food. In this case, your kitchen or your yard containing trash. However, it is also famous for residing in attics. Although the odors we are about to discuss are effective in their work but keep in mind that there is a possibility of them not providing a permanent solution to your problem. Let's discuss the various scents:

1. Mint
Leaving mint in your kitchen or growing them in your house is said to be the effective method in keeping the Texas rats away. The reason for this is because rodents or animals in general have a heightened sense of smell. In case of rats, this sense of smell is its ultimate weapon but it can also be its cause of destruction. Mint essentially has a powerful odor. While humans enjoy it, the rats go crazy over it because of their heightened senses. So using or growing mint is one way of getting rid of rats.

2. Peppermint Oil
If by any chance, growing mint is impossible then buy peppermint oil from the market and spray its contents everywhere the rat usually walks. Spray it in the kitchen, attic or backyard etc. this scent also drives a rat crazy hence enabling it to run in the opposite direction as fast as possible.

3. Pepper
Cayenne pepper is said to be the most effective in getting rid of the Denton County rat problem. You can either sprinkle the powdered form everywhere you suspect a rat to be or spray it on various plants or places you see a rat at. Cayenne pepper has a strong smell which upon inhaling in large amounts allows a human to tear up. A rat with its powerful sense of smell needs only a twinge of it to drive it crazy.

4. Moth Balls
Moth balls are usually kept to scare the moths away. These consist of cotton balls dipped in naphthalene. The pungent smell keeps the moths away and nowadays it has been discovered that they are enough to keep the rodents away too. Rats also get irritated from the smell hence they tend to avoid it as much as possible.

5. Ammonia
Just like naphthalene, there is ammonia which again has a strong odor allowing the Texas rat to sprint off towards wherever it came from. Ammonia can be used by mixing with a deterrent or simply by dipping paper balls in it. Keep the soaked balls in the primary suspected locations and watch the rat drizzle its way out of your house.

Final verdict
Although the above mentioned odors are enough to make a Denton County rat go crazy but keep in mind that they are not 100% effective. In order to avoid a rat problem or keep it to minimum is by simply blocking away all of its entrances.

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